Email groups

There is a main email group for the area, currently 250+ members, and smaller groups for special topics. Each group has its own email address.


The email groups are open to registered members. How do you join?

You need to be a resident of South Hill Park, or a near neighbour. We register only people we know, and we use real names and addresses within the group. There are no strangers here; this is not a place for Net anonymity. So members can speak freely, e.g. about holiday plans without inviting burglars in.

Write to the admins to join, giving us your name and address. If we don’t know you we might ask you to pop round to say hello. Or, if you know someone in the group, he or she can ask us to enrol you.

Email messages


Once we register your email address in a group, you automatically get a copy of each message sent to the group.

If that’s too much, you can dial it down by changing your email subscription to a daily or weekly digest, or just turn off email messages. You can ask an admin to do this for you, or change your own profile at the group pages. You can find the Web page for a group at the end of any message.

The group pages record all messages sent to the group.


You can write an email to any group in which you are registered. Just write your message to the group email address, and it will go to all members.

If you have multiple email addresses, watch out: you can write to a group only from the address we registered for you.

Signing in at a group page

On the group page, identify yourself with the email address we registered for you.

  • If it is a Gmail or Googlemail address, use the password for that.
  • If not, but you have already registered a Google password for that email address, then use that password.
  • Otherwise, you need to register a password with Google for that email address. Go to, register a password and use that.

Any problems, ask the admins.